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Acclaim Productions offers a range of fully customizable recording packages to suit the exact requirements of the client. Sometimes though it is good to be able to choose from a range of more straightforward options. These pages outline some which may be of interest to new clients.

Young Musicians

Please do not hesitate to contact ACCLAIM PRODUCTIONS for full costings of other projects

Young Musician Souvenir Disks

There are many fine young musicians amongst our children,

particularly those at specialist music schools and choir schools.
What better way to preserve the memories of their growing talents

than by commissioning a Souvenir Disk of their work. You will

need to find a suitable venue (perhaps a hall or church in a quiet

setting) and ensure that any keyboard instrument you intend to

use is well in tune.

Musicians, whether individuals or small groups, will need to have

ready a range of pieces, perhaps on different instruments, to

perform. Sometimes it words well to share a recording session

with a friend and to follow it up with a second session a year later,

offering more preparation time and better filling the disk.

from £420

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