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Acclaim Productions receives commissions to compose music for a specific occasion. Please remember to allow sufficient lead-in time when making such requests, though sometimes composing projects can be taken on at short notice. Past commissions have included music for radio and television productions, weddings and major concert works.

All such work is fully typeset to professional standards


Acclaim Productions can be commissioned to make musical arrangements of existing works, subject to the necessary copyright clearance being granted. This might include arrangements for choirs or instrumental ensembles and can be scaled according to the resources available. Past work in this field has included work for BBC Songs of Praise, works for chorus and orchestra, special Christmas arrangements and tracks for the Olympic Torch relay in 2012.

Midi and Click Tracks

Sometimes it is necessary to record individual musicians and singers on separate occasions. These can be brought together very successfully using a combination of MIDI recordings and CLICK TRACKS which are played to the performers during the recording session. Acclaim Productions has the facilities to create such arrangements from scratch and to implement them in the course of recordings.

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