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Video services

We're now offering services for video compilation and assembly, particularly aimed at performers suffering during the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown. As ever, the audio content is of prime importance in our work and we always agree the sound mix with clients before the video elements are introduced.


Recent work has included various choirs and orchestras, including a compilation of nearly 300 performers for the British Police Symphony Orchestra in project to support the David Rathbone Blue Light Foundation.

Musical elements

We can help with the production of click tracks and rehearsal/performance scores, but some clients like to do this themselves. Singers and players then submit their recordings to us [we have a simple information sheet to help achieve the best results] and we start the process of sewing things together. 

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Acclaim Productions Ltd - 2 Field Terrace, Worcester WR5 3BN UK - Mobile: +44 (0)7719 446014 -

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