Acclaim Productions offers a range of fully customizable recording packages to suit the exact requirements of the client. Sometimes though it is good to be able to choose from a range of more straightforward options. These pages outline some which may be of interest to new clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact ACCLAIM PRODUCTIONS for full costings of other projects

Full 3-session recording and bulk manufacture of CDs

3 full recording sessions, each of 3 hours, all taken in multi-

channel format for re-mixing and post-production work. Full

editing and mix-down in preparation for replication and

production  of 1000 disks, barcoded and cellophane-wrapped ready for sale.

A full estimate will be given, but price includes musical production

at each session. The basic costs does not include travel and hotel accommodation, or MCPS charges for copyright music. Help and guidance will be given to estimate the full costs involved.

from £3700

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